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Picture of an electric clamp on meter for electrical calibration.

Electrical Equipment Calibration Services by Advanced Process Systems

Electrical Meter Calibrations

Advanced Process Systems performs precision ISO 17025 compliant electrical calibration for all manner of electronics and instrumentation including multimeters, insulation testers and other electrical test equipment, pressure transmitters, power supplies, hipot testers and clampon meters.

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Picture of a multimeter device to be calibrated.

Multimeter Calibration Services

Ensure the utmost accuracy with our ISO 17025 compliant multimeter calibration service for all major OEM manufacturers.

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Picture of insulation Testers to be calibrated.

Insulation Testers

Benefit from our industry-leading ISO 17025 compliant insulation testers calibration service, suitable for all major OEM insulation tester manufacturers.

Need overnight calibration? CONTACT APS for rapid insulation testers calibration turnaround.

Picture of a power supply.

ISO 17025 Accredited Power Supply Calibration

Experience unparalleled accuracy with our power supply calibration services, compliant with ISO 17025 standards.

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Electronic Calibrations FAQs

What is electrical calibration?

Electrical calibration verifies and adjusts the accuracy of electrical measuring instruments. It's pivotal for ensuring instruments meet industry standards and provide reliable results.

Why is adhering to electrical calibration standards crucial?

Standards from organizations like NIST or ISO are essential for the calibration of electrical instruments. Meeting these standards ensures precision and is a hallmark of quality in the industry.