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Photograph of pipettes in a laboratory that need to be calibrated.

Premium Pipette Calibration Services by APS

Advanced Process Systems extends its proficiency in pipette calibration services, encompassing both manual and automated pipettes across single and multi-channel categories. Whether you prefer on-site calibration or in our state-of-the-art lab, we ensure compliance to NIST standards and deliver certification as per your requirements.


NIST Pipette Calibration Services

Calibration certificates and preventative maintenance for liquid handlers

On automated liquid handlers, APS offers NIST calibration certificates as well as preventive maintenance on well known brands such as Hamilton, Beckman, and Tecan. We also offer pipette tips that are NIST certified to work with Rainin, Eppendorf, Hamilton, Beckman, and Tecan. If your pharma process requires ISO 17025 compliance, APS is compliant to those standards as well.

As a premium service, APS can provide a 24 hour service for pipette calibrations. APS performs on-site pipette calibration services for automated liquid handlers as well manual pipettes. APS regularly performs Rainin pipette calibration, Eppendorf pipette calibration and all manual or multichannel pipettes.

Need overnight pipette calibration? CONTACT APS for rapid pipettes calibration turnaround.


On-Site Pipette Calibrations

Our highly adaptable on-site pipette calibration services include comprehensive lab pipette calibration or pre-certification of pipette tips as needed. Leveraging years of accumulated expertise, our meticulously trained technicians are prepared to conduct pipette calibrations either on-site at your facility or within our specialized pipette calibration laboratory in California.

  • APS offers service levels tailored to your specific operational procedures to the level of accuracy and precision your require.
  • NIST traceable pipette calibrations certificates provided.
  • ISO 17025 accredited pipette calibration service available.
  • We support your preventative maintenance protocols as requested.
  • Where exacting standards and quality are required, we specialize in providing advanced pipette calibrations for customers in biotechnology, biopharma, chemistry, life sciences, educational laboratories, research labs, forensic laboratories among others.
  • Our advanced pipette calibration services are meticulously designed to mitigate disruptions to your operations, offering swift turnaround times and proficient services of the best quality. As a highly-regarded partner, we deeply appreciate the significance of pipettes in our clients' operational ecosystem and remain committed to exceeding their expectations.

FAQs about Pipette Calibration

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