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Photo of gas flow and liquid flow sensors and flow meters that need to be calibrated.

Advanced Flow Meter Calibration Services by APS

Ensuring Precision in Flow Measurement

Advanced Process Systems is dedicated to elevating the standard in calibration for equipment designed to measure flow. These devices measure the flow rate of fluids, liquids, or gases in transmission systems. Various devices use properties of liquids and gases for precise and efficient measurements, utilizing techniques such as ultrasonic, electromagnetic, Karman vortex, and more.

At APS, we understand the importance of precise calibration for these diverse instruments to ensure the utmost accuracy and stability of the process. Our commitment to excellence underpins every calibration we perform, fostering trust in the precision and reliability of every measurement.

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Gas Flow Meter Calibration

APS performs gas flow meter calibration whether the measurement system is based on a single fundamental parameter or a very complicated process. The gas flow meter used for measurement depends on the technology used.

Gas flow meter calibration types:

There are 8 commonly used technologies in gas flow and liquid flow measurement. They are:

  • Electromagnetic
  • Vortex time
  • Paddle wheel
  • Thermal dispersion
  • Floating element
  • Ultrasonic
  • Differential pressure
  • Peristaltic pump calibration
  • Coriolis

Gas flow meters / sensors we regularly calibrate:

APS often calibrates the following:

  • BlueSens
  • BW Technologies - gas calibration
  • Draeger calibration
  • Mettler-Toledo scale
  • MSA - gas calibration
  • Omega thermocouple calibration
  • RKI Instruments
  • Rosemount transmitter calibration
  • Sartorius balance calibration
  • Siemens calibrations
  • Yokogawa flow meter calibration

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Photo of a liquid flow meter.

Liquid Flow Calibration Services

A liquid flow meter is an instrument designed for measuring the flow rate of fluid via a fluid transmission system. APS performs liquid flow rate calibration (flow meter calibration) calibrations whether the measurement system is based on a single fundamental parameter or a very complicated process. The method of measurement depends on the technology used. We perform backflow test gauge calibrations / flow rate calibrations on a regular basis.

Liquid flow meters we regularly calibrate:

  • Hoffer flow controls
  • Sonotec / Gems Sensors
  • TSI Calibration
  • Omega thermocouple calibration
  • Honeywell calibration
  • Micro Motion flow meter calibration
  • Rosemount transmitter calibration
  • Agilent calibration

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Photo of a mass flow controller.

Mass Flow Controller Calibration Services

APS performs mass flow meter calibrations / flow rate calibrations to the finest of tolerances in gas measurement. Because the mass flow controller is a specific inline device it is critical that is regularly maintained and calibrated in laboratories or production settings. Mass flow sensor calibration requires both measurement and control functions all the while tight thermal / pressure control is maintained for consistent volumetric metering.

We calibrate these leading mass flow meters:

  • Brooks
  • Burkert
  • Bronkhorst
  • Porter

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Photo of volumetric flow multi meter with dial indicators and controls.

Volumetric Flow Meters Calibration

APS performs NIST traceable ISO 17025 volumetric flow sensor calibration in analytical laboratory / industrial process applications. We can quickly accommodate on-site equipment or equipment overnighted to our laboratory for rapid calibration and instrument turnaround. A sampling of instruments we regularly calibrate include: digital force gauge, load cell, balance, vernier caliper, height gauge, torque wrench, torque analyzer, torque tester, torque screwdriver, and manometer. Torque wrench calibration is a common request where we expedite service. Several applications of balance calibration, load cell calibration, torque calibration and flow sensor calibration involve our setting up an initial IOPQ process qualification and validation.

We calibrate these leading volumetric flow meters:

  • Copley
  • TSI

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Picture of Sonotec in-line flow meters.

In-Line Flow Meters Calibration Services

APS works with NIST traceable ISO 17025 in-line flow meter calibration in analytical laboratory and in industrial process applications. These flow meters work on a variety of physical properties that include acoustic, optical, volumetric, or gravimetric methods.

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Picture of Sonoflow acoustic flow sensor.

Acoustic Flow Sensor Calibration - inline or non-invasive

APS performs acoustic flow meter calibration that incorporates the geometric calibration of the tube or pipe the liquid passes through. APS performs acoustic flow sensor calibration on flow meters, bubble sensors, and level sensors using this technology. Inline or non-invasive available!

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Photo of optical flow sensor.

Optical Flow Sensor Calibration - Inline or non-invasive

APS performs NIST traceable ISO 17025 optical flow sensor calibration in analytical laboratory and in industrial process applications. APS calibrates these sensors whether the optical flow meter measures through optical fiber interferometry, optical hot-wire anemometry, or scintillation. Inline or non-invasive available.

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Flow Meter Calibration FAQs

What are in-line flow meters?

In-line flow meters are integral for real-time flow rate measurements in tubes or pipelines. They find applications in labs and industries, with types varying based on the application and fluid properties.